Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Now it's time to clean up and put away our toys

Feeling much better this week! Yay.

The sun came out after days of rain. We needed it for our plants but I guess it does something to my psyche when the sun is hiding.

I started tackling the giant mound of plastic and litter in the toy room. I've filled two grocery sacks with trash and broken toys and I'm only a 1/4 way through the room. Someone please tell me why I found candy wrappers, rocks, seashells, and dirty socks in the toy bin. Anyone?

I'm almost caught up with laundry- and except for Big Girl's room (which is a complete pit) I have most of it put away.

I've been making dinner. Of course, it's prepackaged stuff like mac and cheese and helpers- but it's already paid for and fills a belly. I'm really not liking how salty and bland prepackaged stuff is compared to my own homemade skillet meals. I think I'll skip clipping coupons for it anymore.

The dishes have been done every night before bed. I can wake up and assemble breakfasts and lunch without a pile of dishes to maneuver around.

Today I am caving on the pantry challenge and going to Aldi to get some stuff we need. Avocados are .25 and I would love to make some guacamole. Also, Aldi's multigrain tortilla chips are sooo good. I had Big Girl make the list for me as writing practice. Here's her list:


The front garden where Hubby ripped and trimmed all of the overgrown shrubs is now planted with volunteer pumpkins, squash, a rose bush, spring bulbs, flower seeds, and a few annuals I planted for color. I've kept it weeded and spend at least 15 minutes out there while the kids are playing weeding and seeding. It looks so much better than last year. I'll never have a Home and Gardens yard but I am happy. I can't wait until some of the seeds start popping up.

Gotta get going with my day.

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