Monday, April 26, 2010

In the Middle of Bad

As weekends go, this last one pretty much sucked. I'm not going into specifics but I can tell you that I am ready to get on with the week.

I rescheduled our morning gymnastics class in favor of snuggling, eating dry store brand cheerios, and watching Pinocchio with my boy. Since we don't have to go out, I am not doing my normal errand/shopping morning either.

My pantry is getting full again and I am thinking about a fridge clean out/no shopping week anyway. So, I'll be making dinner instead of having Hubby drag home some gross Taco Bell that I'm sick of.

What I'm thinking of making:

salsa with our two tomatoes, onion and garden cilantro
pizza with our half container of spaghetti sauce
baked apples with our wrinkling supply of fridge apples.
hamburger helper with our newly outdated box of stuff.. made with tvp/veggie crumbles mix
homemade sandwich bread

Even though I sold, gave away, and donated boxes of stuff just last week- I have started another pile that I'm boxing up and maybe saving for another garage sale in a few months.

The bright spot of my weekend was waking Big Girl up on Saturday and going out for a girl's garage sale day. I gave her $1.25 allowance a day early for spending money. She managed to come home with all of it because she is both a hound for the free box and people love to give toys away to cute kids. She did get me to buy her a vhs tape for .50 cents out of my own money but I talked her into getting rid of a bunch of tapes if I bought it. So, it worked in my favor.
My best find- a vintage Bisquick tin for .50 cents. I'm going to put my Aldi baking mix in it.

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