Sunday, April 11, 2010

In the Spring a Young Man's fancy turns to Yard work.

Hubby has been outside for the past two days whacking down every sun sucking, gigantic bush in our yard. We have a lot of foliage to attend to.

I am joyful! I have so much to plant outside where the bushes have been thinned. A flower garden once again is in my grasp. A vegetable garden that isn't blocked out by giant looming bushes is a possibility.

Here's what I have available to plant:

Hydrangea from my Father's funeral
Some type of evergreen bush from my Father's funeral.
Daffodils from the neighbors who gave us a pretty Easter gift
Basil that I started in an empty soup can on our window sill
Bachelor buttons the kids and I started in a pot on our window sill
A rose bush I bought at Dollar General for $4
Marigold seeds that I harvested from our flowers last year. Nothing brings that easy punch of color to our house like bright orange bushes.
Wild flower seeds that I plan on scattering under the front window where giant bushes were taking over.
Zinnia, Alyssum, Sweet William, Morning Glories and Cosmo seeds bought on clearance last year.

I have already planted impatiens, pansies, lobelia, and snapdragons in our front flower beds.

I have starts of tomatoes and squash in my windowsill as well that are ready for transplanting to pots and the vegetable garden. My vegetable garden last year was pitiful. It doesn't get enough sun and the path is hard to negotiate to weed and water. My tomatoes will be containerised and the experimental veg like squash and zucchini will have to battle it out in my garden.


Heather said...

Hmmm...why doesn't my young man's fancy turn to yard work? My husband hates it - it's a major battle to convince him to mow, even.

I'm only doing sweet corn, pumpkins, and watermelons (for the 1st time) this year. I'm too tired to garden.

Kara said...

I went back to your archives and I was so sorry to read about your Dad .... I can't imagine. My father-in-law passed away in 2005 and I know we think of him every day.

I'm so glad that you have things to plant that will remind you of him - I bet they grow and bloom and are amazing!

Best Wishes,Kara