Saturday, April 10, 2010

Happy Garage Sale Days are Here Again.

I finally had a good reason to venture out on this pretty spring day with a few dollars from Hubby's wallet and go to garage sales. I am finishing up my shopping for the family in need.

I bought so much that I just filled up the washing machine when I walked in from the garage instead of dragging it into the house. I have more than enough now so that each child will have a full summer wardrobe, two pairs of shoes, new undies, new socks, and a swimming suit. Plus, I will fill in any gaps for my own children's summer wardrobes. We always seem to be low on shorts for Little Guy in the summer. Not this year. I did not buy any pajamas for them. It is hard to find second hand pajamas in good shape and it's easy to come up with something to wear to bed. I used to wear my dad's t-shirts as nightgowns when I was little. It worked great.

I also bought:

A Rachel Ray cookbook in excellent shape $1
A brand new big jar candle $1
A carrying caddy for my under the sink cleaning supplies .25
A travel guide for families going to Florida .50
A quaint serving platter with a turkey on it for our Thanksgiving Tofurkey .50
A new juggling guide with juggling balls for Hubby $1
Three children's paperbacks for Big Girl's collection .75
Men's khakis .50
A box full of cables and a modem for Hubby- free
Shoes for Big Girl- .50
A mini needle point stocking Christmas ornament- .25

I spent about $20 or less total.

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Heather said...

I'm so jealous! We are just getting to the point where people might start thinking about garage sales. I can't wait.....LOVE this time of year! It is how I out fit our Little Guy and find most of the things we need for ourselves and our home and even some gifts.

You are doing an awesome thing for this family! And finding some great things for yourselves along the way too.