Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Butter, Gardens, and Selling Kids Stuff

Land O' Lakes wants to give you a coupon for a free product if you send in a UPC for another butter product. Weird, but whatever. Go here for details.

Not much here except working in the front garden patch that Hubby cleared. I planted squash in our front garden. Last night I got busy and planted tomatoes in containers on our backyard patio.
I still have more to go. I started green pepper seeds and I have one cantaloupe baby to plant. Today I might buy a strawberry plant or two for our side garden.

I've got one tub full of kids clothes, shoes, toys, books, and art to take to the re-sell shop tomorrow. And the Veteran's Association is coming by in a week to pick up our donation so whatever doesn't sell is going out anyway. I have a few stained and holey things that I don't feel good about donating. It makes me glad to see the second hand clothes that I used on two kids be too worn out to donate. I think they'll make nice rags or doll clothes for Big Girl.

Gotta go. Hubby's got a coupon for Chinese food burning a hole in his pocket.

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