Thursday, March 25, 2010

Riding slowly on the frugal wagon

I've been gingerly stepping my toes back into the frugality waters. Here's a list of my meager triumphs-

Made dinner two nights in a row- spaghetti with corn and a stroganoff with veggies and veg. chic chunks.
Made orange bread from scratch to snack on
Did not buy anything or go anywhere yesterday
Started working on coupons again but threw away grocery store circulars because I shopped on Tuesday (Aldi)
Am hand washing the silk dress I bought for my cousin's wedding on Saturday instead of taking it to the cleaner. (I bought a silk dress, barely worn life stride pumps, a pretty necklace and a blazer for under $15 total at Value Village for his wedding)
Tonight I'm making a version of Jen's Spicy Thai Noodles with tofu and lots of veggies.
Emptying our collection of sample and hotel shampoos into a big empty bottle. Yeah, not really frugal but I'm decluttering and giving the kids the mini bottles to play with in the tub. Free bubbles.


Motherhood for Dummies said...

Wow, you are so impressive. Way to save!!!

fresh food nancy said...

Glad to hear you're still saving.
Hope you'll sign on as a fan on Farm to Family Sappington Farmers Market facebook page. We have been offering some awesome savings on that page-and we have bulk foods now-another saving.
Keep it up!