Monday, March 29, 2010

Dinner Ideas, Mail Bag, Library Bag and Couponing at Walmart

Dinner Ideas-
I'm planning on making dinner at home again tonight but I have no clear plans. I have a bag of wheat hoagies and a box of slightly expired hamburger helper to use up. I'm thinking of making veggie "meat"balls for Italian hoagies tonight. The hamburger noodle stuff can wait until tomorrow. I also have some romaine lettuce to use up so I'm thinking Asian lettuce wraps for later in the week. I have a can of low sugar pears in the pantry. How should I fix those so they are a low fat tasty dessert? I was thinking of sprinkling a little cinnamon and brown sugar on them and baking them in a buttered pan.

Mail Bag-

I've been ordering a lot of freebies, book swap and dvd items, and samples for the past month or two. I've been really enjoying checking the mail too. Today there's not much though-

A paperback swapped copy of The Busy Woman's Guide to Healthy Eating by Emilie Barnes and Sue Gregg. I've heard good things about it. Maybe it will inspire some new recipes this week.

An invitation to a dinner and a free reservation for a hotel stay in Kansas City for one of hubby's co-workers retirement party. I'm looking forward to going to this and seeing some friends in KC at the same time.

Grocery store circulars and a few adds with good coupons. I've spent part of the last two days re-organizing my coupon files and getting caught up on clipping and filing. These grocery store circulars will get a thorough going over before they get recycled.

Library Bag-

We managed a long overdue trip to the library to return dvds and books. I was happy to snag two "new to us" Veggie Tales videos and a copy of The Lightening Thief for me. Right now I'm reading Committed by Elizabeth Gilbert and really enjoying it. There are even a few paragraphs I plan on photocopying for my daughter for when she's older. I handed over the few dollars and coins in my purse to cover our fines but I still figure we get a bargain out of our library membership.

Walmart Shopping-

While Little Guy was in his gymnastics class I was working on my coupon files and pulling out any coupon for what we needed. The total $72 before coupons and I spent about $55 after coupons. I did splurge on a sleep tank from the $1 clearance rack though.

So, that's my day so far. What have you been up to?

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