Tuesday, March 30, 2010

It's Tuesday- I haven't messed up yet.

Feeling pretty good about my spending lately. I did spend $5 at the food pantry thrift store today.
I popped in for a minute after making a small donation of food and toiletry items.
I bought two blouses for me (bogo), a dress for my Mom ($1), a novel, a Richard Scary vhs, a Veggie Tales dvd, and a bar of handmade soap in a pretty drawstring bag.

I've got our laundry hanging to dry outside. My bread machine is mixing and kneading away at a loaf of onion herb bread. I have dinner planned and even plan on making baked apples for dessert.

I am going to research making my own liquid hand soap out of soap slivers and look online for a discount gift card for a cousin who's getting married soon.

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