Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What's Happening Wednesday

On tap for today-

Clipping and filing more coupons for tomorrow's grocery trip (am really behind on this)
Canceling my subscription to the Sunday paper- I won't miss it
Planning our spring garage sale
Hanging another load of laundry outside since it's sunny and nice
Changing the sheets on my bed
Putting away three baskets of clean laundry
Making veggie tacos for dinner
Maybe watching Walking Across Egypt while clipping coupons/folding laundry
Toy pick up and general straightening of downstairs
Watering my windowsill garden. We planted garden seeds in an old egg carton, an ice cube tray, and a recycled soup can. I am hoping to see some sprouts soon.
Playdoh with my boy

This is going to be a stay home and getter done day.

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