Monday, February 22, 2010

Fresh Start Monday- To Do List

I've got to much to do so I can't crawl back into bed and stay there.

For Today:
Grocery shop for a few needed items (eggs, choc. chips, milk, cheese)
Make cookies for preschool birthday snack for my boy.
Clean house! It was pretty good last week but this weekend has been hard on my home.
Fold and put away the mountain of clean laundry.
Mend apron.
Prep and dinner- tonight we're having tofu stir fry with some leftovers
Gift baggies for my son's b-day party this weekend.

My daughter's birthday party was yesterday. I started on her cake when I woke up and it was ready to go about fifteen minutes before we walked out the door. Whew. I think I did an okay job for someone who is a failure at cake decorating. Anyway, the kids liked it so who cares? And I spent less than nine dollars on the whole thing.

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