Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Filling Easter Baskets

Easter is a little over a month away. I'm a little late doing a free filler search online but here's what I've found:

Free train coloring book from Norfolk Southern. This is great for my train loving boy.

Free sample of kid's cream of wheat. There are flavors like Spongebob Chocolate lagoon.

Mariani Dried Plums sample. Use the code SUPERFRUIT

Free Kid card from

Free family dvd. You need to supply your phone number so they can help you select a dvd.

Free Kashi cereal bar sample

Burt's Bees tooth paste sample.

Free Board Book from LeapFrog when you register and link up a toy you have from them. This was easy to do.

Not really a free sample but here's a code for 50 points for 9FTMRYWEK

So far I've collected:

Two after Christmas baskets marked way down.

A pipe cleaner easter bunny kit NIP for .50 at the thrift store

After Valentine's day candy for 50-75% off

A Barbie Dvd that I received with my swapadvd credits.

A four pack of Hubba Bubba gum for 1.19 that I plan on dividing

A really gross bugs video from the 1$ store.

I still have paperbackswap credits to use to get more kids books too.
Also, our library has sale books for ten cents.

What freebies or ideas do you have for your frugal Easter basket?


Fresh Food Nancy said...

These are some great tips. I'm going to share with my daughter who loves freebies, too. Thanks.

Michelle said...

I read your post at Want What you Have- the part about your missing bathrobe tie made laugh out loud! Mine is always gone!
Cute blog- I am looking forward to browsing.