Monday, January 11, 2010

Pantry Challenge Day Eleven- Plus Goodies from Goodwill

Breakfast- kids had oatmeal and milk. Hubby had a veggie burger. And I skipped it and then succumbed to the lure of Starbucks and coffee cake while we were out this morning.

Lunch- I have a gift card for Olive Garden so I took my Mom out for soup and salad.

Dinner- Not sure yet but we have tortillas and refried beans so maybe burritos and rice.
Fresh pineapple for dessert.

Trent's post about thrift store shopping with his wife inspired me to stay out of the thrift store until I had a bag to donate. I filled a trash bag with outgrown clothes and another bag of culled Christmas decorations and dropped them off today. We still watch a lot of VHS movies (especially since we don't have cable anymore) so I love getting a bargain on cheap kiddie entertainment. VHS tapes were on sale for .50 cents each. And even better- kids and baby clothes were on sale buy one/get one free. So, I bought fourteen kid clothes items for $14.
Most of these were name brands like Aeropostale, Baby Gap, Lily Pulitzer, and Justice.

** I like my blog better with pictures. I'll be trying to put up more as I blog.

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