Sunday, January 10, 2010

Pantry Challenge Day Ten

Breakfast- We ate the last container of yogurt, the last two slices of bread (toast), the last three eggs, and the last four slices of veggie bacon. Plus an orange that was getting old. We finished a container of apple juice. There's a simple joy in knowing you used a food item all the way up before it expired.

After breakfast I decided it was time to grocery shop. For less than $9 I bought a gallon of skim milk, a carton of eggs, a loaf of wheat bread, 3 pounds of apples, a pack of toilet paper and a fresh pineapple. Aldis rocks my wallet!

Lunch- Picked up a $5 cheese pizza from Little Caesars on the way home from shopping. I am so not a cook three meals a day person on the weekends. And for $5 plus leftovers- I don't feel guilty. Little Caesars fits my budget.

Dinner- Leftovers of pizza or pot pie. Snacks are fresh fruit. Only having to reheat our dinner from the microwave is a great pleasure.

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