Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Hair Plan.

I decided sometime last year to take a year off from paying for hair coloring or cuts and do it myself. Which mostly meant letting my hair grow long and only dyeing it when I couldn't bear the gray anymore or had a box of cheap dye.

Well, it's been over a year. Last August was my official last date with my favorite hair dresser who does a fantastic job of highlighting with multiple colors. And every few months I would leave her business feeling pretty and having about $120 less to my name.

I did break down and get my hair trimmed with a coupon at Great Clips in August.

So, in over a year if you tally the three boxes of hair dye and the cut at Great Clips- I've spent about $28 on my crowning glory.

This is what I've learned from the experiment:

I look ok but not nearly as polished as when I have a professional cut. No one compliments my hair anymore except to comment on how long it's getting. It's still not quite halfway down my back. My hair grows slowly apparently.

I like having long hair but actually look better when it's shorter.

Long hair takes more time in the shower. I can't just use a shampoo/conditioner combo so I'm stuck in the shower for extra time- which I hate.

Some hair dyes are superior to others. I know which ones I won't buy again no matter what the clearance sticker says.

Pony tails and head bands are great for days when I'm just running errands or hanging out at home. But a recent dinner with Hubby at a nice restaurant left me feeling confused about what to do with my hair to make it look nice. I'm hopeless when it comes to intricate hairstyles or curling my hair with an iron.

I don't have any current plans to make an appointment with my favorite hair dresser. Although I think it might be a good use of my Christmas money when I decide what style I want.

I have a similar glasses/contact plan that's in effect right now. I'm seeing how long I can go with broken/soldered "home" glasses and using up my disposable contacts before I see an eye doctor for a new prescription.

How much money am I saving? Who knows. I like having these little personal challenges though. When someone confuses me with Granny Clampett then I'll know it's time to unloose the purse strings and get pretty.

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Ruthie said...

I'm trying to grow my hair out even though I like it short. Less money spent on hair cuts!