Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Just Rants.

The applesauce bread I made for Hubby to take to work tomorrow tastes off. Too much clove?

We ended up buying a fairly expensive Christmas present for our daughter even though we didn't plan on it. It started with a $15 thing that Michael's didn't have in stock to reading reviews and going with the best one. $$. Sigh.

What do you do when your library and paperbackswap do not have the books you want to read right now? This has been occurring more and more lately and I'm getting frustrated.

How do I keep from getting my feelings hurt when I show my child the gift I've assembled for HER teacher and she shrugs then angrily and sloppily signs the card? I had a talk with her about how I thought that was hurtful and disrespectful but it still stings.

My Christmas spirit, generosity, and general merriness are taking a hit as my children fight, my Christmas to-do grows, and I feel like the only one responsible for my family's happy Christmas. And I'm the one doing all the work.
The trash men, the mail carrier, the recycling haulers still need to be carded or gifted. I haven't boxed or mailed the Christmas presents for Hubby's side of the family.

I need prayer, quiet time, and a bit of joy.

Perhaps I should round up my unruly, mess making children and take them for a drive to look at Christmas lights and listen to the Christmas radio station.

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Rachel said...

Hang in there! I can relate. I've been feeling like the implementation of all the Christmas traditions, celebrations and special foods (and don't even get me going on shopping), rests on me and the weight of that feels overwhelming. I'm trying to delight in the little things and let go of my own expectations of what I "should" be doing. Some little things I'm gonna try to enjoy...making one batch of sugar cookies with the family this weekend, giving the kids some coins to drop in red kettles when we see them, wrapping up a few gifts for a family in our church who simply cannot provide gifts for their kids this Christmas, getting some Christmas music on my MP3 player to listen to in the laundry room and kitchen b/c meals and laundry must go on, and trying to see the excitement through the eyes of our children. I'm thinking my kids won't remember all the festivities as much as they will remember whether or not Mom was a grouch at Christmastime.