Friday, October 2, 2009

Too Much Stuff! And The Just Do It Principle

The hours between cleaning and our visitors arriving is closing quickly and I'm struggling to get the all the jobs I've left until today done.
I go to put a dirty dish in the sink and I see the floor needs to be swept. I start sweeping the floor and notice a pile of stuff needs to be put away. I put the stuff away and notice that I need to write something on the calendar.
It's like this everyday. And endless cycle of little tasks that always leave me wondering where my day went and how come I'm exhausted and my house is still a wreck. Sigh.
I also suffer from being too overwhelmed by my chore list to get moving. My brain works overtime figuring out the best way to get stuff done instead of just pitching in and doing it.
Lately I've even seriously considered hiring someone for a month or two just to help me get my house clean and organized.
The truth is that we have too much stuff and our house is two rooms too large- we now have a dining room (our toy room) and a sitting room that we've never had before and it's just extra places to put stuff. I hate stuff.
The toys have all been stacked in the hallway since Hubby steam cleaned the toy room carpet.
It looks great empty and neither one of us wants to drag all those toys back in there to clutter it back up. I think half of the toys have to go.
I am tired. But, I must keep plugging on and get the house ready for our company. Nothing says Welcome like a clean toilet and a nice place to rest your head.


Heather said...

Jenny, I feel bad for you. I know what it's like to feel overwhelmed by stuff. You're doing great though, and for what it's worth, I think every mom feels like her day is taken up by little tasks that don't seem to accomplish much, but must be done nonetheless.

Whenever our kids destroy the basement toy room, we start taking stuff away. We always tell them that if they can't take care of their stuff, they must have too much of it. We also take things away when they don't listen or deliberately disobey. It seems to keep the toys under control, temporarily at least. Then the birthday rush and Christmas bring more stuff into the house. It's a neverending battle.

Nicole said...

Have you read my post "If you Give a Mom a Muffin?" I think you must be the original author. Keep plugging away at it! You'll get there.