Thursday, October 8, 2009

Busy, Happy, Older

Since I last blogged this is what has happened:

I finished doing a big clean on our house. Yay!!
My hubby came home early from work to surprise me
My in-laws drove in from Indiana for the weekend to watch the kids. They brought us five large pumpkins from their garden.
Hubby whisked me away for a night for a wonderful meal, a Haunted History Tour and an overnight in a wonderful B&B in nearby Alton, Illinois.

Hubby and I shopped the antique shops and ate lunch on the river front in Alton. I bought a tiny watercolor painting of a little country church and a brand new pottery napkin holder.
We picked up my birthday cake which Hubby designed himself and had the best bakery in town bake for me.
We met up with my in-laws and children at a park and had some of my delicious cake.
For dinner we had Japanese tepanyaki? with a surprise birthday embarrassment for me of having to dance to a drum while everyone sang.

Sunday-(my 37th birthday)
My Hubby and his Dad went off for the day/night to the farm aid concert.
My Mom came up to visit and brought some soap making supplies.
My Mom, MIL, and I had fun making glycerin soap bars.
We went out for Chinese buffet, came back home, and relaxed and ate more cake.

Since Monday it's been me keeping the house picked up, getting ready for our garage sale this weekend and helping Big Girl with her nightly homework.

I had a wonderful birthday weekend and I am still enjoying living in a tidier house. I don't know why I fought it so hard.

As soon as I find my camera I'll be back to blogging on a more regular schedule.

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