Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Still plugging along quietly

The piles of garage sale stuff are growing and I'm fighting my usual urge to just "donate it already and be done with it."
The house is still in disarray but it's mostly because furniture is piled up waiting to be redistributed after my hubby steam cleaned all the spills and cat accident stains (yuck!!) off of our floor. I have started climbing the mountain but by no way am I near the peak.
Our first grader brings homework home nightly and has a spelling test every Friday. This year has been a challenge for her so far and we've been spending a lot of time trying to get her up to speed.
I still use coupons here and there but I only go to the grocery store when I have to or when I have a game plan. The occasional rebate check still trickles in. But, I've cut way back on purchasing everything because I hate bringing more stuff into our house to deal with.
I babysat for money again yesterday so I should be getting a check for that in the mail soon. Yay money!
My garden has all but petered out. We got a handful of purple beans, one pepper, and about a dozen small tomatoes. I know I'll start out again next Spring excited and raring to go with probably the same results. At least I have a bucket or two of horse manure saved up and I plan on changing my garden planting arrangement to improve my soil quality too.
My 37th birthday is this week and my in-laws are coming to (inspect) visit this weekend and I am more than worried about getting everything in order.
I have piles of laundry to sort and wash and a little boy to pick up from preschool in less than an hour.

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