Monday, October 12, 2009

Letting Go of My Neurosis

I definitely have a panic issue when it comes to having anyone come over to my house. Add a stranger walking through every room and taking pictures and it borders on hysteria.

With a sick little girl at home today and me not feeling my best either I just decided that I needed to let it go. I picked up dirty clothes and went about my standard cleaning chores like loading the dishwasher and sorting the laundry. I purposely avoided looking at the cobweb that I noticed this morning hanging way up on the kitchen ceiling. In less than ten minutes what I had been dreading for days was over and my house is tidied up quite a bit. I did not hide things in my oven or my washing machine. I did not stuff papers under the couch. Perfect people do not live in this house so why am I trying to suggest that.
Still, I am not planning on refinancing again anytime soon.

I have dinner planned too. We're having chili and cornbread. I pulled out a cookie mix to whip up while our cornbread is cooking too.
And a charity drive called to ask if we had any items we could donate and I said yes. Now I don't have to store our garage sale leftovers (perfectly good items still) plus I get the tax deduction.
That works out great for me.

I've got a good library book, two great snotty kids to cuddle, and if we get really crazy we can watch Bedtime Stories streaming from Netflix and make popcorn. It's gonna be a nice day.

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