Saturday, October 10, 2009

Boy am I tired.

Our garage sale is about done. I'm not even sure if we made more than $60. And we have a lot left to haul to Goodwill. But, we definitely made a dent in our clutter pile.

Last week Hubby and I decided to refinance our mortgage again. So, on Monday I will have someone in our house snapping pictures for our appraisal. I'll be cleaning all day tomorrow but today I am just tired. We turned the kids loose in the house today while we manned the garage sale and they did some creative cluttering.

Ah well, I may be tired but having a cleaner less cluttered house (and a few more bucks in our pockets) makes me pretty happy.

Going out to help Hubby pack up the leftovers.

It looks like we made about $82 after all is said and done. Not great but considering that most of it was already second hand not too bad either.
--we forgot the ten dollars that we took from the pouch to buy a bike from the neighbor's sale.
$92. I think we're doing this again in the spring.

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Heather said...

Jenny, $82 is a respectable profit. We usually make around $100. I think the least we ever made is $60, but we price stuff to sell, because our objective is to get rid of it.

I think you did really well!

I know how you're feeling right now. I'm always exhausted after a garage sale too. They're a lot of work.