Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Frugal Foods of the Day

loaded up my crock pot with sale purchased can goods, free* peppers, and a handful of tvp to make chili.
heated up my oven and made cookies, corn bread and two loaves of wheat bread for a baking day.
stretched our drinking milk by mixing up instant milk for our bread recipes.
made grilled cheese and tofurky sandwiches instead of buying taco bell.
boiled free* eggs for a protein rich snack for our sick girl

The stock pile in the basement provided canned tomatoes, frozen cheddar cheese, paper towels, and toilet paper. I don't plan on grocery shopping this week as we have enough food already.

We'd been out of paper towels upstairs for over a week and I've been making do with our cloth napkins. After I use up our supply of paper towels I don't know if I'll want to keep buying them. I didn't miss them all that much.

*The free food came from my in-laws farm.

I've been enjoying reading Hodding Carter's Frugal Guy blog this week too.


Nicole said...

I was there from 1989-1992. Do you know Anne Womble Wyrauch by any chance?

Jenny's Vegcafe said...

No, I don't. Weird coincidence though.