Monday, August 17, 2009

The Parenting Files: Back To School

School starts tomorrow for both of my kidlets.

It's been busy around here gathering paperwork, buying supplies, and getting clothes together.
Today I spent $25 on two kids hair cuts. I am not talented enough to do it myself and Hubby should not attempt it again either after the last butchery he did on my baby boy. ; )

Even using coupons and stockpiling- I still ended up spending about $30 just on Little Guy's school supplies. The teacher wanted a lot of clorox cleaner, hand wipes, and anti bacterial gel and that added up. It would be a terrible thing if an errant germ were to escape alive.

It's going to be an adjustment getting the whole family up and ready early in the morning when we've gotten lazy this summer about sleeping in until 8:30. I think my kids are both ready for school though. I'm looking forward to seeing them both blossom this school year. Is it wrong that I'm confident that our teachers will love my children (even if my little boy is a little too exuberant sometimes?)?

It does make me a bit sad that my little baby girl is already losing teeth and going into first grade. I still sometimes see a a glimpe of the pie faced three year old that I loved so much. But, that little face is changing into a curious and sharp minded individual's face. And I can't help but love that too.

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Heather said...

Bee starts first grade tomorrow too (I can't believe it!), but poor little Cakes is still too young for preschool. She has to wait until next year, because she won't be three until November. This is very hard for her to accept.

Tonight is back-to-school night for us, when we take all of the supplies in, and meet Bee's new teacher. She's so looking forward to it!