Tuesday, July 14, 2009

What's for Dinner this week

Doing a minor fridge clean out while trying to get back on the cooking wagon. We've eaten out a lot lately. I don't regret that though because we've enjoyed all of our meals and with one exception we've had our leftovers for lunches. But, it's time to start cooking again.

Monday- we had pizza. I made a double batch of dough in my bread machine and froze one for later. Used up a jar of Ragu and a 1/3 bag of parmesan shred. Jon proclaimed it the best pizza I'd ever made. We had no leftovers.

Tuesday- We're having stir fry. I plan on using up any stray carrots and onion parts from the fridge bin. I'm marinating some tofu in sesame ginger dressing, soy sauce, and powdered ginger. Watermelon for dessert. We had enough leftovers for Hubby's lunch today. And the watermelon I bought is all gone and the rind has been composted. Yay! Tofu, carrots, and watermelon all used up before they expired.

Wednesday- I'll make veggie burgers (use lettuce in crisper) and tater tots. We need a quick dinner this night.

Thursday- Burritos with rice, cheese, picante sauce, and beans. Save rice from Tuesday. We were in a hurry so we had drive thru dinners instead. I'll make the burritos soon and freeze them.

Friday- Veggie Sausage and gravy on biscuits. Fruit salad. Hubby is way excited about this and has asked me about it all week.

Saturday- Dinner at a friends house.

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