Monday, July 13, 2009

Coupon Reorganizing, Fridge Cleaning and Back to School Shopping.

I dumped my coupon box (for the third time) and finally got around to picking it up. I'm in the midst of cleaning it out and reorganizing it into another system- again. So, shopping with coupons has not been going on at my house. Instead I've been signing up for freebies on WalMart's site and other places where I find them.
I have slowly been throwing out old stuff in the fridge and seeing that we do have room in there after all. I made freezer jelly with the blueberries before they turned into moldy mush too. Tonight we're having homemade pizza to use up the Ragu and parmesan shreds that are hanging out in there. I bought one portabello and a basil plant to make it more tasty.

Now I'm in the process of deciphering what we might need for our school supplies. I tend to overbuy when I find a sale and I save all pencils we get in goody bags or presents. So, I think our needs are limited. But, I always need crayons, markers, notebooks, and glue. Anyone have any ideas on who has the best (or free) deals on any of that stuff?


Anonymous said...

I've grabbed my first bits of school items at Wal-mart the other day after seeing the ad in a magazine. Elmers glue and crayons were super cheap (I wish I could recall the prices but really cheap) and I had to stock up on glue sticks --those were .30 for two, I think I got them for less last year but needed them now.

I also got a bunch of things at CVS last year on ECBs so I did OK there.

I just pick and choose to find the best deals and grab what I can for now and Christmas. I also did Samaratin's purse gifts last year so grabbed a few of these things to start to build up my boxes for this year.

Good luck!

Heather said...

Our Wal-Mart has cheap deals right now - 24-ct Crayolas for a quarter, and Elmer's glue stick 2-packs for 30 cents.

I need absolutely ZERO school supplies this year, because I printed the first grade supply list off the school website last fall, and bought everything for this year on clearance. I got super-cheap, rock bottom deals, like 5 boxes of crayons for $1, and 10 bottles of glue for $1. YAY! Especially since I'm too pukey these days to shop.