Thursday, July 30, 2009

Simple joys and simple toys

Yesterday was a lay on the couch with a headache while the kids watched the same library video over and over again kind of day. The only productive things I did were to hang a load of laundry, make dinner, and keep up with the dishes.

By late afternoon I was feeling slightly better and very guilty about wasting a precious lazy summer day on the couch. But, it was only an hour until dinner time and too hot to go anywhere. I remembered the twoboxes I had labeled rainy day toys with each child's name. Oh, I could surprise them with these. They played with their boxes of toys (I think they came from thrift grab bags and garage sales) for at least an hour and half. And I got oohs and ahhs and thank yous.
The boxes are back in my closet awaiting another boring day. I may find one or two more new items to put in there for next time too.

On a food shopping note-
I've decided not to grocery shop this week even though I have a list. The kids want ice cream and yogurt. And I can make homemade milkshakes and yogurt myself.

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Heather said...

Those rainy day boxes are a great idea! Did they object when you put them away again though? I worry that my kids would be upset if they really liked them and I didn't let them keep them.

Hope you're feeling better today :)