Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Good and the Bad of my summer

This summer has zoomed by. I made the mistake of over planning and over scheduling and I didn't accomplish half of the stuff I wanted to- summer homeschool, more playing outside, etc.
Of course, a lot of our free time at home is used up by the neighbor girl who comes to play almost everyday. I'm not sure how to handle that yet.
Little Guy is almost completely potty trained. No accidents in days and we're in big boy underwear. He only needs a diaper for sleeping Now we just have to teach him to pull his pants on and off by himself. And and doing his own wiping. School starts in about two weeks. Plenty of time. (nope, not panicking at all).

I haven't hung laundry to dry in over a month. I haven't weeded, hoed, tended, fertilized, watered my veggie patch like I should have. My house is always a wreck. I'm not ready for the garage sale in the fall. I haven't stuck to my grocery budget like I should and we eat out too much.

The good part- I've dug my clothes pins out to hang today's load of laundry. My house will get clean if I just do a little bit here and there like I am trying to do. My daughter has a nice little friend who likes to play with her as often as she can. I've been sticking to our menus fairly well and we've reduced our restaurant spending. I've got hoagie dough in the bread machine right now for tonight's toasted subs. And if I don't have a garage sale, I don't have a garage sale. Goodwill will benefit if I don't. All of my school shopping is done and I have an almost complete inventory of their clothes.

I'm not behind. There's always another chance to save money, do more, learn more, help more, etc.

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