Monday, May 18, 2009

WalMart Shopping Today- using up those high $ coupons

I spent a few hours this weekend reassembling my dumped coupons and pulling all free and high dollar coupons.

The receipt:

Windex Wipes- 2.63- .40 MFR coupon (plus free after I send off rebate)
Sure Men's Deodorant x 2- 1.78- 1.50 MFR coupon so .28 cents each
Snickers Marathon Bar- (don't go shopping hungry) .98
Always Pads- 4.97 - 4 MFR coupon so .97 cents
Johnson's Buddies Soap- free after $1 MFR coupon
Denim shorts for Little Guy- 3.50
Sun Hat for Little guy- 3.00
Peter Pan peanut butter x 2- 2.18 minus $1 MFR coupon so 1.18 each
A1 steak sauce- 2.63 minus $2 MFR coupon so .63 cents
Kraft Salad dressings x 2- $1.58 - 1.50 coupon so .08 cents each
Morningstar veggie dogs - not on sale and no coupon 3.32
Doritos Cool Ranch- splurge for 2.50
Mr. Clean Magic Erasers x2 -1.96 and a BOGO MFR Coupon so 1.96 for 2 packs
Kashi Waffles- 2.54 free after MFR coupon
Cascade rinse aid- 3.13 free after MFR coupon
Coke Zero- 1.38 free after coke rewards coupon

Total before coupons= 46.55
After coupons= 23.41

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