Monday, May 18, 2009

To Do List for this Week

Put away all clean laundry (never ending process- finished all of yesterdays but we have a new load hanging to dry so this stays on the to-do list)

Change Sheets on my bed (done)

Mail Paperbackswap book and mark as mailed (done)

Register Big Girl for School- find paperwork for this. (done)

Fill out all paperwork and mail for summer activities (done)

Book our vacation (Done!! Yippeee)

Make bread pudding with old milk (done)

Make vanilla pudding with old milk for dessert tonight (done)

Put out fresh water for the fish tank (done)- and get Hubby to clean it (done)

Boil eggs for snacks & breakfasts (done)

Clean out fridge (really don't want to do this one!!!)

Clean out and gas up car (done)

Figure out summer schedule for trip to Grandma's (done)

Start working on garage sale piles- I am determined to have one this year.

Buy Memorial Day flowers- or plant bulbs??

Take a trip to the basement to put up extra food and freeze bread from thrift store. (Done and I cleaned the cat litter while I was down there so Hubby won't have to later)

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