Friday, May 22, 2009

Grocery Shopping and How am I doing on our $60 budget

On my two previous shopping trips to Foods For Less and Wal-Mart I spent $27.32.

Today I went to Schnucks with my coupon box to get a few deals-

2 Martha White Muffin mixes- not on sale at $1.08 apiece
2 Lipton Decaf ice tea bags- 3.84- .75 MFR coupon - 1.50 store coupon makes them $2.34 each
Bananas- not on sale at .65 an lb. .64 cents
C&H 4 pound sugar bag- on sale for 1.79 minus .30 MFR coupon + store double = 1.19
2 Ragu sauces on sale for 1.58 minus two MFR coupons totaling 1.20 = .98 cents apiece
HeartLand Mickey shaped Pasta- FREE after purchasing two jars of Ragu
Sargento's Salad Finishers- on sale for $2- $1 MFR coupon = $1 plus FREE after rebate
Nutty Bars- financial downfalls are started by shopping while hungry 1.34
4 2 liters of Store Brand Soda- on sale for .59 each= 2.36 for 4
Durkee Seasoning Salt- on sale for 1.00 minus .50 MFR coupon = .50 (for a wedding gift I'm assembling)
Lawry's Garlic Salt- on sale for $1.50 minus .50 MFR coupon - $1 (for wedding gift)
Morning Star Riblets- 4.19 minus .75 MFR coupon = 3.44
Luigi's Italian Ices- on sale for $2 minus .75 MFR coupon = 1.25
2 Snickers Bars for Friday night date night- BOGO after MFR coupon = .33 cents each
One Everything Bagel for my breakfast- .65 cents
Total before coupons $35.79
After coupons and rebate= $22.31

Grocery Budget for the week is $60. I've spent 51.63. That leaves 8.37 in the budget to scope out Dierbergs for goodies and perhaps some free Marcal toilet paper.

Typing it all out makes me see where I'm wasting our money (snack foods, Hello!). And my grocery shopping in no way represents a balanced diet. But, with our stockpile of sale/couponed foods- I never have a normal grocery list anyway. Plus, I get a lot of things to donate by using coupons too.

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