Thursday, May 21, 2009

Visa Black Card- Only for the 1% Dumb Enough to Get One.

My mailbox had a sleek black envelope in it today. Curious, I opened it to see what could be lurking inside (high dollar coupons!! free samples!!!?).

It was an application for "The World's Most Prestigious and Versatile Credit Card" that only 1% of the population carry. Hmm. What are the perks? OOH, a credit card made of carbon (whoopdedoo.. I'm made of carbon, my dog is made of carbon), 24 hour concierge service, and a nice annual fee of only $495. Well, for only $495- heck why not make it an even $500 since that special 1% is dumb enough to buy a credit card?

Me? I'll stick with the card that pays me back 1%. It may not be made of carbon (or platinum or playtex or spandex whatever) but it does have a nice Seurat painting on it.

I am planning on re-using that nice envelope though. I unglued it and flipped inside out and it's ready for a homemade card - Thanks Visa Black Card.


Lenox Knits said...

So you have to pay them to get credit? Wow, sign me up. Great idea for using the nice envelope though.

Jenny's Vegcafe said...

Well, it's the annual fee which to me is the same thing as paying for the use of the credit card. When you can get cards with no annual fee I don't see why you'd pay to use one. Unless you just like throwing your money away. In that case just send me the check. I'll put your money to good use.