Friday, May 22, 2009

Enjoying the Everyday

My little veggie patch might not impress anyone else but I get a sweet thrill when I see how lush and bushy my pumpkins and zucchini babies are- not to mention the 5 yellow flowers on my Lemon Boy plant that will soon be delicious homegrown (and still organic) tomatoes.

My Asian climbing beans (lab lab?) are coming along beautifully as the squirrels have decided that they are not that tasty. The marigold seeds I scattered are sprouting up everywhere and by the end of summer I will have a vibrant yard full of lush orange blooms.

And my dollar store laundry line has seen action everyday. I get a thrill out of folding slightly crunchy and wind fresh clothing.

I've been keeping on top of my library items so we always have dvds and books for our entertainment.

I'm still trying to save water in my shower by turning off the water while I soap up. It has the added benefit of making me hurry so I can get in and out of the shower in 3 minutes if I don't wash my hair and 7 if I do. The days of languishing in a hot steamy shower are over as I'd rather get on with my day.

This past week we've had a lot of homemade treats- Puddings, bread pudding, apple pie, and cake mix cookies. All of them with things that were in my pantry or freezer. I also surprised Hubby with an impromptu picnic with sandwiches, iced tea, and chips.

Our dining out expenses have been cut this week with the use of a BOGO coupon for a lunch out with hubby, a cheap Taco Bell dinner night, one .49 cent fountain soda from the gas station, and a drive thru treat of mini ice cream cones for 1.37.

I've been air drying out dishes in the dish washer to save on electricity. Last night I mixed up the last tablespoon of Aldi dishwasher powder with some borax, salt and baking soda to make my own cleaner. I'm not using vinegar as a rinse as I have multiple bottles of rinse aid that were free after coupons.

All of these things give me great joy and if they save money or resources that's great too. I like doing more with less so that we can spend on the things we really enjoy like vacations and dinners out.

Playing with my big sweet doggy- priceless.

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Heather said...

All of that sounds great to me! I too love folding line-dried clothing - it always smells so sweet, and I get satisfaction from knowing that I didn't use energy to dry it.

Frugality is fun :)