Wednesday, April 1, 2009

What's For Dinner: Stir Fry & a weeks worth of eats

Our fridge and pantry are stuffed from too many trips to the grocery store. A simple trip to get milk ends in a cart full of groceries.

This week we've had:

Monday- Veggie "pork" cutlets sauteed in soy sauce, ginger, veggie broth, garlic and onions, steamed brown rice, and steamed kale.

Tuesday- Lasagna made with leftover "pork" crumbles and a container of lowfat cottage cheese. No sides dishes but the lasagna was really good. All leftovers went into the fridge for Hubby's work lunches.

Wednesday- Tonight we're having stir fry with egg, and whatever half empty bags of frozen veggies I find in the freezer.

Thursday- Tomorrow night we're having mushroom cheese pizza with leftover sauce and cheese from the lasagna.

Friday- Breakfast for dinner- Pancakes and eggs.


Heather said...

Sounds good! My kids love breakfast for dinner. I like how quick and easy it is!

Anonymous said...

I have not seen the veggie "pork" cutlets. What brand are they and are you getting them at a specialty store, Whole Foods or a regular grocery store? Thanks!


Jenny's Vegcafe said...


I found them in a regular grocery store next to the Morningstar and Boca. They had a selection of fake meats like crab, beef, chicken and pork. The brand is called Match.
I shaped them into cutlets. The flavor is very bland and the texture is sort of mushy but they stick together very well unlike rehydrated tvp.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! Might be worth a try if I can find them. None of my local gorcery stores have carried them so I will go online and see what I can find!

Thanks again...