Thursday, April 2, 2009

Couponing Today

Since I had to pop into a grocery store today to pick up a prescription, I took the time to go through the circular and plan my coupon stock up shopping.
Shop 'N Save

Kellogg's Pop tarts 12 packs- 3 boxes at $11.00 plus $2 off egg deal with purchase of 3
Dole Pineapple Chunks- on sale for $1 a can minus .75 MFR coupon off of 2 so .62 cents each
Zatarains Rice mixes- on sale for $1 each minus .75 MFR coupon off of 2 so .62 cents each
Barilla Pasta (2 piccolinis/2 whole wheat)- on sale for $1 each minus .50 cent MFR coupon so .50 cents each
Pack of 18 eggs- .29 cents after Kellogg's Poptart coupon
Store Brand Antacids- BOGO- 2.97 (no coupon)
Suave Deodorants- 3 at 1.67 each minus one .50 cent MFR coupon
Suave Lotion- 2.50 minus $1 MFR coupon so $1.50
Suave Shampoos- 6 at .87 cents a bottle minus 2.25 in MFR coupons so .50 apiece
Suave Conditioner- .87 cents
Lift the flap puzzle for Little Guy's Easter basket- on sale for 2.15

Total before coupons was $37.59
After coupons 26.42

The Suave purchases got me a $3 off coupon on my next shopping trip. That will get me a gallon of milk next week. Most of the Suave is going to the Food pantry and as donations on stock the cart donation days at Big Girl's school.

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