Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Gratuitous Shots of my Kids and What's for dinner

Here we have my young ones at the St. Louis zoo and the St. Pats parade we attended.

We just got back from a weekend trip to the in-laws hobby farm. The kids rode Grandma's pony and fed her chickens. We had two Easter egg hunts and a small Easter retreat at their church. I also spent time with my Father in law walking his big garden and small orchard and discussing his plantings. He helped me re-pot my tomato babies. I now have (after I shared some of my seedlings with him) four healthy Beefsteak tomato plants, one canary melon plant and hopefully one tiny pepper seedling. That isn't all I'm planning for my garden but it's a start. I plan on adding some lettuce, maybe a zucchini, and some basil and cilantro to my small garden patch.

This is my small garden last spring.

I'm planning some major re-arranging and management of the food pantry and frozen items so a big menu plan is up in the air.
Big Girl suggested mashed potatoes (a favorite of hers) for dinner and so we're having that with veggie "meatloaf" with a bag of Morningstar crumbles, veg. broth re hydrated tvp, ketchup and egg for binder. I also need to make some type of muffin or sweet bread with leftover homemade applesauce that needs to be consumed. Applesauce Muffins would be good in lunch bags this week and I have everything I need for them in my kitchen.

update: The applesauce muffins are tasty and easy to make. I skipped the topping and just sprinkled on some cinnamon sugar mix.

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