Friday, April 17, 2009

Mommy Sanity Savers.

It's a balmy 75 here in St. Louis.

The sibling fighting began as soon as the Big Girl got in the car after school. Not today!

I contemplated driving an hour to Grandma's house. I looked up directions to the closest indoor bouncing place. And then I just decided to have them put on old clothes and threw them into our jungle of a back yard. The mower gets it's first use this year tomorrow.

For the price of one load of laundry and one bubble bath I get an hour free of bickering.

With toilet training our washer has seen double loads lately. And pretty soon our carpet cleaner is going to have to make an appearance.

But for now- I'll open a window and do some chores while I listen to the birds chirp and the kids ooh and ahh over the dirt clumps, rocks, and bugs they've discovered hiding in our backyard jungle.


Anonymous said...

A great sanity saver!

Rona's Home Page said...

I was reading your response to Grace for Gayle regarding renewing wedding vows.
I thought I would stop by your blog for a visti. I'm taking a day off..more like a sick day.
Thank goodness for laptops.