Friday, April 3, 2009

Dollar Store Winners

These Dollar General brand fudgy coconut cookies are just as tasty as Girl Scout Samoas for only $1.50 a box. A splurge for your waistline, but not your wallet.

This M30 brand of stain remover is always in my laundry room cabinet. It works great on most stains except for really greasy tomato sauce. I bought mine for $1 at Dollar General but you can get it at other dollar stores too. Use an old toothbrush and get your clothes cleaned up.
I bought this great L.A. Colors Lash Building mascara on clearance at Family Dollar for .90 cents. I think it's regularly $1.50. It's big fluffy brush gives me big lashes without flaking and it washes off easily.

This is my newest find. I used to buy Oil of Olay Sensitive Spf 15 formula. This Dollar General brand works just the same and for only $4.50.

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HappyHermit said...

I love Dollar stores !! You can sometimes find the most unusual and nifty things !!