Monday, March 23, 2009

Fighting the Urge to Splurge on Beauty products.

My inbox has been filled with free shipping plus bonus codes for Clinique and Lancome lately. A brief trip to ebates tells me that I can get 4-6% back. So, I skim through the website looking for things I'm running low on, wondering if I can justify the $35 plus expense.

After recently pricing the generic Olay knock off for less than $6 that would suit me just fine if I couldn't find a sale, coupon or a rebate. I can't justify it. Oh, but I have wanted to! Getting those fresh, pristine boxes filled with untouched make up products in sleek packaging and pretty shades gives me a giddy albeit brief high. Never mind that in my bedroom I have baskets full of unused lipsticks in an array of beautiful colors- and that's after I've gifted and given away much of my free with purchase loot.

What they are trying to sell me is the feeling that I could be beautiful with their cosmetics and I so want to bite. Even though most days I don't even wear lipstick and dislike taking the time to put all that stuff on my face anymore. That brief giddy feeling isn't as good as the feeling of being able to pass that stuff up because I don't need it.


Georgi said...

Yeah, but I reallllly like the Lancome face wash that I use, even if the price has gone up. It is the only thing I have found that does not make my skin too dry, nor does it break me out. I hate having to be cheap about skin care products, it hurts.

Jenny's Vegcafe said...

Yeah, I like it too Georgi. That's why I have such a hard time passing up. The beauty of frugality is that we can pick what to splurge on though.
If you want I can pass along coupon codes and stuff. Did you sign up for Ebates? You can get 6% on Lancome through them and it does add up.
I don't mind using cheaper products as long as they work! If they don't I don't have a problem buying the good stuff for more money!

The Cooking Lady said...

When all else fails there is Avon. I like their products, they do not test on animals and they have a money back guarantee. So all is good in the Land of Oz.

And it ain't you grandmother's Avon any longer.