Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Menu Planning: Nine dollars and some change for grocery shopping this week.

Even shopping for Valentines Day card candy at the Dollar Store took a chunk out of my budget this week. (The cards are a combination of last years leftovers, after Valentines discount, and salvaged from my Grandma's house. The fun in this is that my kids got to choose from a lot of different cards for each school friend. If I can't find more cards after Valentines this year I'll definitely be making homemade ones with the kids from construction paper and paper doilies that I have stockpiled. )

I have just enough for milk and some produce at Aldi.

This week I need to: Soak pinto beans, thaw the tofurkey roast, and make yogurt for breakfast.
Monday: We had three Burger King veggie burgers. Still not feeling great and this was our dinner low cost option.

Tuesday- We're having pizza. I found some frozen dough in the freezer, half a bag of mozzarella , and half a jar of spaghetti sauce in the fridge. I've also got some spinach in the crisper that has seen better days so I'll salvage what I can for a topping.

Wednesday- Pinto Beans, Fried Taters and Onions, and Corn Bread. I've been craving this for awhile. Anyone else eat this growing up? I remember the potatoes sometimes had a crispy crust like corn meal on it.

Thursday- Tofurkey Roast and stuffing. I found one last clearance tofurkey in the basement freezer. I'll make a small heart shaped cake for Valentines Day and top it with any leftover V-day card candy.

Friday- Leftover Buffet.

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