Monday, June 30, 2008

Stuffed. With Things I might need someday?

I brought back another load from my Grandma's house last night. Ceramic platters, milk glass pudding cups, vintage Christmas cards and wrap, Tupperware burger keepers, duvet covers, and small pieces of furniture are now littering my house.
Everything is usable. Everything has a purpose. But, as of yet it has no home.

Pretty tablecloths that I have no room for are a feature in dinner party day dreams. I have a stack of vintage cookbooks and pamphlets from the 50's that have recipes I drool over. Custards, puddings, and casseroles- Oh my. My inner homemaker is squealing with delight.

However, if I am truly realistic I should think about selling a portion of it on ebay and sending the money to my mortgage. Today I will be struggling to find homes for these things. Does it mean I love my Grandma less if I let go of a tablecloth or two or don't use that rug with the cow on it? I don't think so.


MamaGeek said...

You know she would TOTALLY understand. Lucky you!!

Red said...

I totally love being domestic!!