Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Feeling Scratchy and Frugal

Today I'm:

Cloth diapering- Little Guy isn't quite done potty training and I'm not really pushing him that hard. Our supply of pull ups is low and I need to save them for outings and Kids Day Out.

Soaking mung beans for sprouts

Soaking pinto beans for tomorrow nights dinner

Making pizza from a scratch crust and sale purchased toppings.

Cooking yogurt in my thrifted yogurt machine


Heather said...

Now Jenny, you had to know that I would have an Office-related comment about the mung beans, right?

Remember when Creed was sprouting them in his desk drawer, and people were complaining about his old-man smell?

He said that he understood what they meant, because while they're very nutritious, they "smell like death."

Ah ha ha ha ha!

I hope that's not really true. I've never had them, so I wouldn't know.

New post up.

Jenny's Vegcafe said...

Well, that's like most of my cooking- nutritious but it smells like death.
Creed kills me.