Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Here We Go Again with the car shopping.

First of all let me say that if this is my biggest problem than I am so blessed.

Hubby got broadsided on his way home from dropping Big Girl off at school. Thankfully he was alone in the car and other than being very sore with a few abrasions he is fine. We spent the morning in the ER getting him checked out. I am so thankful that he is sitting across from me watching a Monty Python video with a dopey, drugged grin on his face. Things could have turned out much worse.

His "new" car that we bought last April (after the last car accident) is probably a total loss. I'm thinking in my head whether or not we can feasibly be a one car family for any length of time. This for sure is making public school seem more attractive since we wouldn't have to provide transportation anymore. Lots to think about, but right now I'm just so darn happy that my beloved husband is home on the couch resting and indulging in his love of Monty Python.


Heather said...

Jenny, I'm so glad your husband is OK! How scary! I worry all the time about my husband getting in a car accident, because he travels so much for work.

Tread Softly said...

Thank Goodness he's okay!

Did you do the math to find out how much money you could save by not buying a second car? That certainly influences my decision to stay car-free :)

Jenny's Vegcafe said...


The question isn't really how much can we save by not buying another car (which of course, we'd save a lot) but by how much we need another car.
We live in the suburbs and not within close (or safe) walking distance to shopping. I also have two kids I have to ferry around every day. I did do the math when we lost the last car to see if Hubby could use public transportation to get to work (which is a 25 minute commute by car) and it was actually cheaper for him to drive the car and it save about an hour and fifteen minutes (in making connections, waiting for buses, and walking between bus stops) each way. So, for us, right now we kinda need two cars. I know that seems weird to you since you don't own one. And it does to me too.. since I didn't even start driving until I was 28 and we got by fine with one car.
But, having kids and being out in the suburbs makes a big difference.
That's one reason why Hubby and I think about moving to a city apartment when the kids are grown.
We can easily walk or bus to what we need and survive nicely with just one small car.

Lenox Knits said...

Wow. I'm glad to hear Jon is ok. Good luck with the car situation. Is there any way to get the old one drivable?

Jenny's Vegcafe said...

The body shop has deemed the car a total loss. The trunk was completely crumbled and the impact bend the frame and the wheel wells. It would actually cost more to fix that car than it's worth. I really liked that car too. When we were cleaning it out at the impound lot I found a neat compartment under the passenger seat that I didn't know was there. I could have lived without seeing that.
Anyway, we started looking at cars today and we're thinking we might just go the cheap route and save a bunch of money.