Thursday, February 5, 2009

Budget Gone Awry with Poor Planning.

Shop N Save Today:

Quaker Oats- 1.50 (had .60 coupon so .90)
Quaker Simple Harvest Granola Bars- 2.50 (had $1 coupon so $1.50)
Quaker True Delights Bars- 2.50 (had $1 coupon so 1.50)
Morningstar Bacon Strips- 4.19 (the price of this has shot up! I will be buying these less and less)
Free Reusable Shopping Bag with purchase of 3 Quaker items
Total: 8.45

Dozen eggs- 1.49
Dog Rawhide- 1.00
2 cans of Pringles- .99 apiece
Bag of Sixlets candy- .99 (a treat Big Girl picked out for her hurting Daddy)
Crest toothpaste- 2.99 (had $1 coupon so 1.99)
Secret Deodorant- 1.79 (had $1 coupon so .79
Tampax Tampons- 4.49 (had $1.50 coupon so 2.99)
Gallon of Skim Milk- 2.79
Cascade Dishwasher Gel- 3.99 (had .55 coupon so 3.44)
Downy Liquid Fabric Softener- 2.99 (had $1 coupon so 1.99)
Joy Dishwashing Soap- .99 (had .30 coupon so .69)

I messed up by not correctly tallying my P&G items (italicized) so I was less than a dollar short to redeem my receipt for a $10 rebate. So, now I feel quite foolish, I am way over budget, and Hubby is less than thrilled with me buying extra stuff.
Total= 21.52

Over budget by 9.46.

** on a nice note, the clerk at the library renewed my lost library book one more time so hopefully I find it soon.**

Seeing all of my purchases laid out makes me realize how much I spend on convenience items and snacks. I could definitely have an easier time staying on budget if I just bought staples and pantry items. The problem is getting myself to want to do all of that extra scratch cooking. I like cooking- I just don't like cooking three times a day.


Georgi said...

There is a time when you have to say enough is enough, not everyone can prepare 3 meals a day from scratch. It is okay to buy some snacks. Maybe your budget is 9 dollars over is not bad.

Amy said...

I just renew online from home! That works until someone else has requested the book and it won't let you renew again.