Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Flours For Valentines Day and Reduced Food Buget this Week.

photo from Amazon.com.
We spent $45 at Goodwill today buying school clothes, Disney videos, educational computer games, birthday presents (NIP) and Easter basket fillers. My favorite purchase was is a copy of the Fix-It and Forget-It Cookbook.

So, that leaves me with $15 in grocery and household money if I don't want to cheat this week.
All I really need is milk and fruit anyway so I think we're good.

On a sweet note: Hubby was hinting that we wanted to get me special flowers for Valentine's Day and we should stop at Whole Foods (lovingly referred to as Whole Paycheck in our house). I said, "Don't go to Whole Foods, go to Aldis. They have cheap flowers." Then he admitted that he wanted to buy me specialty "flours" like kamut and spelt so I could expand my bread making repertoire. He must know I was bemoaning my ability to splurge on those. Yay! That's a gift I'll love. I'm sure that he wasn't thinking at all about how nice it will be to have all those fresh loaves of bread to try. Not all all. ; ) Now I just have to get out my bread machine books and write down a list of ingredients for him to purchase. It feels like Christmas. Nothing like buckwheat flour in your stocking.

What am I getting Hubby for Valentine's Day? A box of after Christmas chocolate with a big old Christmas tree on the front and a new car.

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