Monday, January 5, 2009

Learning to love tea.

I have to admit something. I like buying tea more than I like drinking it. I'd rather have a cold can of soda or a hot cup of cocoa. Both of those things are bad for my budget and my thighs. While I have no plans to get rid of my soda or cocoa drinking I'd rather they became special treats rather than my go-to drink.

So, I've been trying out teas from my pantry to see what I do like.

This Stash Vanilla Chai Decaf is a keeper. I added a packet of stevia and it is just right. Spicy without being bitter. Sweet without being too sugary. I imagine it would decadent with a splash of creamer.

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Amy said...

I grew up drinking black tea with milk and sugar. I highly recommend the brand PG Tips. It is really strong and has good flavor. I put a spoonful of sugar in with the bag, let it steep, and then add the milk after the bag is removed. For some reason adding the milk when the water is too hot makes it taste not as good. Perhaps you'd like it? I love it. Especially with Chips Ahoy dunked in. :)