Monday, January 5, 2009

Baking Day at Frugal Vegcafe

Little Guy and I are enjoying our day together since Hubby and Big Girl are back to their normally scheduled programming. So far we've had three successful potty trips and two sword fights.

I'm making Take-A-Break bars (they smell really good) and since the oven is heated I'm making corn bread to go with our chili for tonight's dinner. The Take-A-Break bars call for 6 eggs (ouch!) but I have a lot of eggs this week. I didn't try to substitute soy flour/water for any eggs but I might try that next time.
Martha White corn bread mix (.25) and reconstituted powdered milk.

This budget is really helping me to tighten my purse strings and work with my pantry. My Mom is coming up this Thursday and I promised her a thrift shopping trip. I'm trying to hang onto as many dollars as I can until then in case I run into something we need (like queen sized water proof bed padding).

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