Tuesday, December 30, 2008

What I have to change about my spending.

Two things have got to happen for us to truly stretch every penny.

1. I need a budget for household and food expenses. I'll be discussing this with hubby but I think we'll probably do $60 a week for food and house and $50 (a month) for entertainment. That's less than $300 a month for everything but if I stick to it I know we can make it work.
2. I need to price book.

A few years ago I purchased a Dollar Stretcher price book and used it sporadically to track the price of diapers. It's time to dust that off because even though I'm pretty price savvy there's nothing like hard facts written down to show me whether or not I'm getting a good price.

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Kara said...

$60/week is our grocery budget no, too. I'm going to try the envelope system and paying cash ... we'll see if that helps me "trim the fat"

Happy New Year!