Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Menu for the Week

Monday- We had banana french toast, scrambled eggs and veggie sausage.

Tuesday- Stir Fry with crisper and leftover veggies and a bit of burger and egg. Baked spring rolls from freezer. Finish the rest of the Aldi pineapple.

Wednesday- We're going out to Chuck E. Cheese for lunch. If we're hungry later we'll eat the Velveeta and Rotel that I have saved from Christmas.

Thursday- Leftovers or a packet of Hungarian soup with some veggies thrown in.

Friday- Homemade pizza night with bread machine crust.

Things to do:
Make cranberry bread with the leftover sauce.
Eat the buttermilk bread before it spoils.
Freeze extra rice.
Use up the cup of buttermilk.
Cook the crisper apples.
Make yogurt.

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