Wednesday, December 31, 2008

On Top of Mount Washmore....

The holidays and a bout of stomach flu have not been kind to our laundry.

Today I hauled six loads to the nearby Laundromat. This is after I filled our own washer with a load of whites. Ten dollars lighter and all of our laundry is waiting to be put away.

I really love going to the laundromat though. I love getting all of my laundry done at once, the big folding tables, the hot fresh smell of clean linens, and the rolling carts. Not that I'm going to make a habit of going to the laundromat but today I don't regret it.

I used to work at a laundromat in college and loved to smell peoples different soaps and softeners. Gain and Fab were favorites. I helped instruct a freshman on how to use a washing machine. It apparently was his first time doing his own laundry and he was very embarrassed to ask for help and really wanted me to do it on the sly so no one would know. I found rifle bullets in the dryer vents and pieces of cilantro and lime in the washers of the local Mexican restaurant owner. Is this too much information?

Anyway, I've got the washing machine halfway filled with miscellaneous items that got missed. Tomorrow I'll be back on my game.

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