Saturday, December 27, 2008

What 2009 will bring

I've considered a no spend year where we just don't buy anything unless it's food or health related. But truth be told, I want to go on vacation this year with my family and I don't really want to give up even frugal gift giving. Plus, Hubby is taking me on another business trip with him in a few weeks and I will have to spend money on a few meals out.

So, what's a frugal family to do when they want to seriously cut back their spending?
1. Use up what we already own. (tea, anyone?)
2. Don't buy anything unless it's budgeted for or a necessary need. Exhaust all second hand options first before buying new.

I still want to continue my stockpile as we never know what the future holds. I'll just have to fit into the budget and buy when the price is right.

I know this plan seems simplistic. It is. I've been rather lazy with our money the last few years since we've eliminated all debt except our mortgage. I'm still naturally frugal so we're in good shape but I am an admitted boredom/entertainment shopper. I have better ways to spend my time and money than shopping for the sake of shopping. Plus, those times when I really do need to purchase something (Easter basket goodies, Christmas) it will seem so much more enjoyable.

On a related note, I was gifted with $125 in Christmas money and I'm not sure what to spend it on. Right now I've got it socked away but I'm thinking it might be my garage sale budget for next summer.


Kara said...

You know, Chris and I have been pondering another Compacting Year (downsize, buy nothing from the Big Box stores,etc) but I still have to work out in my head and our budget exactly what that will look like ... nothing like a tight budget to inspire one's creativity, eh? :-)

Best Wishes!

Amy said...

Heh, I just finished Not Buying It, a book about a woman and her partner who didn't spend any money (except on food/necessities) for a whole year. It was interesting. I think you really have to get into the not-shopping mindset to avoid it...

I was sick over the holidays too! But I had sinus stuff for a week.

Jenny's Vegcafe said...

Amy, I read that book right after it came out.
I wish the author would have spent more time discussing what she did buy because I could totally have lived without the political discussion in the middle. I think that part took away from the point of the book.
My problem is that I am a bargain hunter and I love to find a deal. Combining that with a reduced budget can be challenging.