Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas comes but once a year and hopefully so does this stomach bug.

Luckily, I'm the only one in my family felled by this nastiness.

I have been doing my normal blog reading warily- I seriously don't want to read or see anything food related- so could you all do me a favor and put a Food Warning under your headers? ; )

And I sipped the last can of gingerale this morning and that's all I really want. I've mentioned it to Hubby who hasn't done much of anything for me today at all except stay home from work, take care of the kids and pets, do the litter, and bring me ice and pop. I mean how hard could it be for the man to drag the kids to Wal-greens to fetch me a two liter? Really.

Yeah, I'm feeling snarky today.

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